The Art of the Living Statue

July 26, 2013

In many major cities around the world, particularly during the summer months , you are likely to encounter a type of performing artist known as a living statue.  Possessing an almost mystical quality, these artists bewilder us in their ability to maintain their serene focus and composure often in light of the most distracting of passersby. Here, we recognize a few of these artists.

Metamorphosis Living Statue: Marta Faria (Espinho, Portugal)


Dan R. Clark from Las Vegas, Nevada


Dan R. Clark, Living Statue

Dan R. Clark, Living Statue

Dan R. Clark provides some insight into the art of performing as a living statue in his book, “Still Standing; Stories from a Las Vegas Living Statue.

“My job is about as unique as they come. World class athletes would, in all likelihood, struggle with the physical demands of my profession. Samadhi Yoga practitioners might not have the mental discipline to do what I do. Yet ironically, I don’t move or speak at all.”
“I wear a long white robe and satin gloves. A sash is fastened over my shoulder and arms. I’m adorned with a headpiece that would make Michelangelo’s David envious. I stand upon a pedestal waiting, watching and studying everything that passes before my eyes. I am instructed to be as still as possible, yet I’m expected to entertain a crowd. I work for tips, but I’ve never told anyone “thank you”.”
“I am an inspiration to some, a good laugh to others. I’ve made kids cry and women scream. I’ve witnessed things that keep me up at night as well as moments that warm my heart. At times I hate my job, but I always love my work.”
“I am a living statue.”

Living Statue: Helena Reis (Porto, Portugal)


The Bronze Living Statue (Rome, Italy)


"Bronze" Living Statue, Photographed by Adrian Pingstone in Rome, June 2007

“Bronze” Living Statue, Photographed by Adrian Pingstone in Rome, June 2007

Jérôme Murat

Here is the work of a French performer who has successfully managed to incorporate the “living statue” act into an entire stage presentation. Here’s, Jérôme Murat. (The video may take a moment to load.)

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