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Career Transition For Dancers (CTFD) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1985.  Although it is dedicated to assisting retiring dancers in establishing new careers, CFTD also offers various programs and services to dancers at any stage in their career. This organization provides such benefits as in-person career counseling, assistance with skill development, focus and support groups, career grants for going back to school or starting a new business, and educational scholarships.

CTFD maintains offices located in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Each of these offices has a resource center (open to all dancers), which contains a computer lab, a job bank, self-help manuals, and college guides.  National outreach programs are also available in various cities throughout the United States. Dancers may also access these services and information via the internet or by phone.  CTFD provides all of its services free of charge.

The website for Career Transition For Dancers can be found at: