Oliver Endahl and the Incredible Dancers of Ballet Zaida

July 20, 2012

Beckanne Sisk & Kathleen Martin (Photographed by Oliver Endahl for Ballet Zaida, Memory Grove Park. Salt Lake City, Utah)

It is impossible to look at photos by Oliver Endahl without being reminded of something we are very well aware of here at DanseTrack:
Yes, dancers are amazing!

Oliver Endahl of Ballet Zaida

A former dancer himself, having studied at the San Francisco School of Ballet for 10 years, Oliver now  works as a professional ballet photographer.   His current, ongoing fine art project is titled Ballet Zaida. This project is essentially a showcase for the  finest display of  ballet technique featuring dancers from companies and schools from around  the world.

So what inspired Oliver Endahl to start Ballet Zaida?

“The purpose of Ballet Zaida is to expose the world to ballet, and to evolve the art of ballet itself. A lot of people are concerned that ballet is a dying art, and I want to change that.  I think that an online photography project is the perfect way to introduce ballet to the masses, and  to make the art form more accessible to the public.”

With that— We’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.


Kimberly Braylock & Anthony Spaulding (Photographed by Oliver Endahl for Ballet Zaida, The Palace of Fine Arts. San Francisco, California. )


Mimi Tompkins (Photographed by Oliver Endahl for Ballet Zaida, Sutro Heights Park, San Francisco)


Myles Thatcher (Photographed by Oliver Endahl for Ballet Zaida, Lands End. San Francisco)



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