October Is For Flash Mobs

October 20, 2012

Thrill The World – Vancouver

Vancouver Flash Mob October 23, 2010 in Yaletown, Vancouver, BC (Photo by Vancouver Film School)

With all the “Thriller”-themed events that happen this time of year, it seems only appropriate for October to be the month for flash mobs.  In recent years, flash mobs have popped up virtually everywhere.  Some people speculate that these groups may just be taking over the world! Check out –  http://www.helloloser.com

Flash mobs, mind you, are not just for dancers.  Musicians can get into the act as well.  Here are members of the Copenhagen Philharmonic forming their own flash mob in a metro station while playing Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt. http://www.culturalweekly.com.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with this phenomenon, flash mobs are essentially a large number of people who show up unexpectedly in a public place and perform some unusual, attention-getting, and often amusing act before quickly dispersing. These spontaneous performances are not only limited to dancers and musicians, but have sometimes been associated with such wide-ranging activities as ninja fights or even the offering of free hugs to strangers.  With the help of social media, groups like these are able to organize relatively quickly and, afterwards, typically post a video of the event online.

The cool thing about it is that essentially anyone can join in.  In terms of dance flash mobs, all it takes is the courage to either improvise (if that’s what’s called for) or a commitment to learn the choreography (from videos posted on the internet or in group rehearsals), and then, it’s just a matter of knowing when and where to show up!

The  ExerGamers Wellness Club, 2012

Flash Mob at Saint Barnabas Senior Services in Los Angeles (Virginia Vasquez and Margarita Orantes lead the way)

(This is a photo taken of a flash mob at the Saint Barnabas Senior Services Center in Los Angeles.  The full article can be found at http://blogs.technet.com.)

In practically every city today, if a flash mob group does not already exist, you can almost bet that someone has an idea to start one.  Particularly with Halloween approaching, its fun to see all the enthusiasm as dancers nationwide (and worldwide) prepare for their flash mob events.

On this page, we’ve included just a few of our favorites and we look forward to adding to the list. Some have a Halloween theme, while others do not.  All of them, however, are just plain cool.

The Bay Area Flash Mob, San Francisco, CA

Bay Area Flash Mob

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is always something cool happening with the Bay Area Flash Mob. Official website: http://www.bayareaflashmob.com

Halloween-Themed Flash Mob in Milford, Massachusetts

Alex Simpson leads a Thriller Flash Mob in Milford, MA to Benefit the American Cancer Society, 2011

This flash mob was organized as part of global “Thrill the World”  and the photograph originally appeared in an article by the Milford Daily News. Read more: http://www.milforddailynews.com/features.

Little Monsters Lady Gaga Flash Mob, EX Plaza Indonesia

Little Monsters Lady Gaga Flash Mob, EX Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta Jun 2, 2012

After a 52,000-seat concert was cancelled in Indonesia due to protests, disappointed Lady Gaga fans paid her tribute by performing a nearly 10 minute performance of several of her hits. You can check out their video below.

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*Note: Not surprisingly, because their broad appeal and success at attracting attention, corporations are increasingly using flash mobs for their marketing campaigns.

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  1. Diane Staley
    October 19, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    Where and when is the NYC Triller Flash Mob audition?

  2. Diane Staley
    October 19, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Where and when is the NYC Thriller Flash Mob Audition