Just Turns: Calvin Walker’s Latest Film Features Dancer Ikolo Griffin

July 27, 2013

Here, we present the latest film by the talented photographer, filmmaker, and member of the French Film Commission, Calvin Walker. I had the great pleasure of meeting Calvin a few weeks back during his brief summer visit to San Francisco, California. Truth be told, the initial impression one gets from this filmmaker is that of the kind of relaxed poise that would be just as comfortable in front of the camera as behind it. Yet, once the film starts rolling, his artistry as a filmmaker clearly shines through.

This film features San Francisco Bay Area dancer Ikolo Griffin

Ikolo Griffin, Dancer (Source : link)

Ikolo Griffin, Dancer (Source: link)

According to Calvin Walker, “When I met Ikolo Griffin on a brief visit to San Francisco, I was inspired by his enthusiasm to share his knowledge and his love for dance. We met for coffee one morning and, while we discussed his “Just Turns” workshop, he set about demonstrating dance techniques right there on the sidewalk, climbing up on chairs and stepping off the curb and onto the street!”

That’s Ikolo for you. A dancer with boundless energy, generosity and the skill to back it up. In this film, he explains his masterful approach to that often-elusive ability to…turn.

Additional notes: The music in the film was composed and performed by Calvin Walker and the filming location was in San Francisco, CA‎.

Just Turns: A Film by Calvin Walker

Just Turns from Calvin Walker on Vimeo.

About the Filmmaker

Calvin Walker is a photographer and filmmaker. He was born in Jamaica, grew up in London and later moved to Paris. He currently works for the French Film Commission and also creates art videos. As an adult, Calvin Walker studied gymnastics and contemporary dance for a short period and still retains his interest in dance as a spectator and filmmaker. Mr. Walker is currently preparing a follow-up to his successful short film “Blanche” as well as a short contemporary dance film. The storyline for the dance film is based on his search for a long lost sibling.

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