Musicians, composers, and bands who continually inspire us to dance

Frederick Hodges

Frederick Hodges (Photo by Laurie Gordon)

Frederick Hodges (Photo by Laurie Gordon)

Hailed by the press as one of the best jazz and ragtime pianists in the world, Frederick Hodges is sought after by today’s foremost orchestras, festivals, conductors, and collaborative musicians. His artistry, virtuosity and charisma have brought him to the world’s most renowned stages, leaving audiences around the globe captivated.



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Freddy Clarke & Wobbly World

Wobbly World is a group of internationally recognized musicians in a powerful and unique collaboration.The group’s music is an ethno-layering of melodic, rhythmic and poetic ideas from several very different musical traditions that fit powerfully into a brilliant new sound. The message is simple yet deep.

Freddy Clarke Wobbly World


Stompy Jones

Stompy Jones is a San Francisco based sextet, renowned for their jumpin’ rhythm, wailing improvisations, hip charm, retro style, and explosive stage show. Whether appearing at a posh supper club, concert hall, festival or cozy tavern, these journeymen of jump deliver the romping, joyous, overwhelming style of jazz that came to be known as Rock and Roll!

Stompy Jones (Photo by Desmond Charles)

Stompy Jones (Photo by Desmond Charles Photography)