Brian Sterling: 40 Days of Sterling Silver Linings

April 29, 2013
Brian Sterling (Photo by Mike Padua for Berkeley Playhouse)

Brian Sterling with Melinda Meeng Postma (Photo by Mike Padua for Berkeley Playhouse)

Performers are, by nature, versatile individuals and this is generally true both onstage and off.  In the past, we’ve interviewed many individuals who have worked as dancers, but who also possess diverse skills and interests. Today, we’re excited to talk to dancer and author, Brian Sterling, who has just released the new e-Book titled “40 Days of Sterling Silver Linings”.


“40 Days of Sterling Silver Linings”: The e-Book


You have chosen a cool and interesting title of your book, which is essentially a play on words incorporating your last name: Sterling. What is the book about and what inspired you to write it?


Brian Sterling

My book, “40 Days of Sterling Silver Linings” is a 40-day daily read of positive realism, and for each day, there’s a passage meant to inspire and empower. I have always valued those around me who managed to inspire and uplift others, not only as performers, but as individuals. In my lifetime, I have frequently found myself in a position where I too have had that effect upon others. At this time, I felt the need to share some of that energy. With this book, I hope to encourage others to follow their dreams.40 Days of Sterling Silver Linings

Who Was Your Inspiration?


Who are some of the individuals who have particularly inspired you and why?

Brian Sterling

Queen Latifah is an entertainer who I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from. She’s a multi-talented artist whose life and career have been about uplifting and educating people. My mom is my biggest source of personal inspiration, though. Since I was a teenager, we’ve read “The Daily Bread” daily devotional together, and tried our darndest to stay on the positive side of life. Plus, she’s a really gifted singer.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah (Image: source)

Future Projects?


So what’s next on the horizon in terms of dance, theatre, literature or other projects?


As far as what’s next?  I’m gonna let the Lord decide. Right now, I’m just enjoying being a published author.

Bian Sterling: Tribal Dance

Brian Sterling: Tribal Dance


Thank you so much, Brian, for sharing your time with us, and good luck with your book!

About the Author

Brian Sterling

Brian Sterling: Author

Brian Sterling  has an extensive performance resume that includes the Berkeley PlayhouseContra Costa Musical Theatre, The Vaudeville Cafe  in Chattanooga, TN and The National Comedy Company LA.  He grew up New Orleans, LA and is a graduate of Northwestern State University, where he majored in theatre and dance. This successful thirty-something-year-old triple threat now resides in Oakland, CA.


40 Days of Sterling Silver Linings

Reviewed by Braham Howard
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars]   Thursday 02 May, 2013

“It’s really refreshing for someone to send out a message of positivity and empowerment without being too preachy. Brian Sterling does just that in this book that gives you an inspiring/ empowering topic to read each day. I think he’s right when he calls us all brothers and sisters in life because the only race that counts is the human race. I’m on the 4th day, and am feeling inspired to lead a less mormid, more positive life.”


The e-Book: 40 Days of Sterling Silver Linings

“40 Days of Sterling Silver Linings” is available for download directly from the publisher’s website at this link, on, or through Amazon here. The price to download is $3.99.


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